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Building a better living environment

Tin Wo Engineering Company Limited was established in 1987, founded by Mr. Tsang Ting Fat. In the very beginning, Tin Wo mainly participated in bored pile foundation project employing only dozens of employees with commitment and quality as basis of service. And Tin Wo has experienced sustained and steady growth by providing integrity, quality, trustworthy and expertise services in rebar fixing construction. 


Nowadays, Tin Wo represents a leading professional rebar fixing subcontractor in Hong Kong with over 30 contracts and more than 1,000 employees working simultaneously. The yearly completion of rebar fixing is about 300,000 Tonnes. Our business partners are those well-known construction companies and we engaged in different types of works which include bored pile foundation, civil engineering, private and public residential and commercial building, as well as a variety of infrastructure construction projects.

Tin Wo staff is a dynamic team with rich experience and advance technology. In the past, we had provided our service in projects of various nature and high quality, such as Air Cargo Terminal at Chek Lap Kok, Air Freight Centre, Mei Foo Station at West Rail, Tiu Keng Leng Station at MTRC, The Leighton Hill, The Arch at Kowloon Station, The Cullinan at Kowloon Station, Cheung Kong Centre, One Island East, Grand Century Place, Harbour Grand Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel and New Government Headquarters at Tamar etc. We did’t only assist the promotion of Quality Field Practice enthusiastically, but coping with the training scheme of Government which bring our technology and management to more professional and in full scale. Tin Wo is also the first rebar fixing subcontractor granted the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certificate.

Tin Wo adopts the direct labour system, all staff has a very strong sense of belongings. It can strengthen and ensure the efficiency in quality control, safety management, facility management and flexibility in mobilization. As such, Tin Wo is recognized by the government and main contractors, and has been awarded and ranked in different aspects, such as ‘Best co-operating partner’, ‘Best Sub-Contractor’ and ‘Best safety Sub-Contractor’.

In business development, Tin Wo has always realized the great importance of team management and on-job training. In past years, Tin Wo has engaged more than 500 trained beginners from Construction Industry Council and work forwards the mission “Human Oriented, Excellent Service”. To tackle the challenge of forthcoming booming of construction industry, Tin Wo has conducted a series of structure re-organization which include the establishment of training department, computerized daily operation and management communication, strengthen the system of safety department and optimize the existing health and environmental protection. Our aim is to put safety first and constantly provide superior and efficient services coupled with deeply commitment.

Tin Wo will work hand in hand together with the construction parties to build a better Hong Kong.